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Students will receive the NRA Guide to Reloading handbook, the Basic Reloading Student Exam, a course completion certificate, NRA Gun Safety Rules brochure, a Basic Firearm Training Program brochure and a Course Evaluation form.Firearms are available for rent for a nominal fee, by prior arrangement.Basic Firearms Training is a Minnesota Assumed Name filed on January 29, 2008.Why Starting A Firearm Training Instructor Business Now Is A Good Idea There are millions of people around the globe that are taking defense classes to protect themselves, and firearm training classes is one of the most popular classes to take.At JH Firearms Training we teach the NRA series of pistol courses including: - Basic Pistol - Defensive Pistol - Personal Protection inside the home - Personal Protection outside the home - N RA Range Safety Officer - Tennessee Concealed Carry - Refuse to be a Victim Seminar.Safe firearm handling is introduced and stressed from the beginning of the course.

From basic to advanced firearms training to advanced combat techniques, we can tailor a training package that will fit your exact needs.

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We offer opportunities for shooters at all levels to sharpen their skills and learn new things.I had shot at the national matches at Camp Perry as a youth and when I joined the Army made it clear that they taught rifle marksmanship from scratch, assuming you did not know which end the bullet came from.The courses listed below are the classes we offer to satisfy the MA LTC requirements per the listings.

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Search our database of Firearm Trainings specializing in Basic Pistol Shooting and connect with the best Basic Pistol Shooting Firearm Trainings and other Firearms Professionals.General firearms types and their safe handling will be discussed, demonstrated and practiced.

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Handgun familiarization, fundamental firearm safety and the fundamentals of good marksmanship are covered in this course.

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Great for all ages, prerequisite class for the Personal Protection in the Home course.

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Basic Firearms Training is a veteran owned small business located in Sacramento County, California.Course Goal: After satisfactorily completing the basic police firearms training the student will be able to safely handle and use the standard Kosovo Police Service weapon.While we can show you how to disassemble and clean your firearm in the store, there are many other aspects to firearm ownership that you should familiarize yourself with.

Georgia Firearms and Security Training Academy (GAFASTA) is a veteran owned and operated company.

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Proper firearm education is the single most important tool we can use to fight against gun control measures and to drastically bring down the incidence of accidental discharges while handling firearms.

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Proudly founded by William Penn in 1681 as a place of tolerance and freedom.

GAFASTA is a provider of the highest level of firearms training and awareness presentations throughout Georgia including Atlanta, Gainesville, Athens, Rome and Savannah.When it comes to firearm safety, training and education are key to preventing accidents.This firearms course teaches the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude for owning and operating a pistol safely.This class covers the basic rules, procedures and etiquette concerning shooting USPSA action pistol.

Elite Firearms Training is owned and run by Davey Gates, who completed his Firearms Instructor Course in March 2013 and has recently completed his Tactical Instructor at International Firearm Training Academy where he achieved an Advanced Firearm Level Qualification in all Unit Standards.Our certified and licensed instructors provide our fellow citizens with a variety of courses to help them meet their firearms training needs.This firearm training is for those who wish to learn how to shoot Action Pistol.DESCRIPTION At DCF Guns its important that our customers not only know how to operate their new firearm but also properly maintain it.

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It is the NRA class that helps people who already have subject matter expertise learn how to hold a class the NRA way so that their students earn recognized NRA certification.PH1 represents the cutting edge of combative pistol performance with an emphasis on engagement skills and personal defense scenarios.Private instruction at Firearms Training Fort Worth is for any area of firearms training from basic to advanced levels providing the student has completed the required training standards set forth by the facility.

The Minnesota Firearms Instructor Training Class covers all of the topics and techniques needed to teach students about basic handgun fundamentals and safety principles.